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RimCraft Max G GFRG Sprayer_EditedToFit

RimCraft's Spray Systems are ideal for getting an even coat in any mold or form, including complex architectural facades. Concrete can be "painted" into even the tightest corners with our specialty nozzles, and clean-up can be completed in minutes

RimCraft's Peristaltic Pump allows for E-Z clean-out as well as the ability to spray fiber and aggregate slurries.

RimCraft Titan FaceCoat Sprayer
RimCraft GFRC Titan Fine Spray FaceCoat Sprayer

RimCraft's Titan Sprayer is used for extra-fine spraying of GFRC facecoat.


It is a pistol style with a pneumatic trigger that actuates the pump. It provides a near porosity-free surface on high end applications. It sprays facecoat like paint. If you dial this gun and pump down, you can nearly airbrush with it for fine detail spraying.


It comes with a 1 Ft flexible whip hose for great dexterity on tight molds. It uses the same nozzles on the Apollo Gun. Reducing adapter has a 1.25” (32mm) hose barb

Rimcraft GFRC Mini_Max Mixer

RimCraft Mixers are ideal for GFRC, face-coat, and premix applications, and will completely emulsify a 100 lb batch (mini) or 200 lb batch (maxi) in 4 minutes.


Save your time, your money and your back using our cost-effective, Shear Mixer as it breaks down components into a smooth, creamy consistency not achieved through hand mixing. The end result provides you with a superior FaceCoat application.


Our Mixers evenly disperse the fibers to minimize clumping and gun blockages, while maximizing physical properties.

RimCraft HDBucket Lift

Our RimCraft GRFC Lift will save time and your back by letting our pneumatic bucket lift do the heavy work for you! It's easily adjustable, user friendly, and can hold up to 500lbs of wet mix. It is uUsable for pouring directly into molds or filling the hopper on your spray system

RimCraft BakHopper2400 Sprayer

Our BakHopper is an affordable option to our GFRC Spray Machines for the small shop and DIY Decorative Concrete Manufacturers and Artisans.

Typically, you would be using hand-coating processes that are both time and material consuming, with varying results.

With the BakHopper, you will be able to do in minutes what took you hours to do, thereby increasing productivity and saving on labor costs. In addition, rather than hand-packing large quantities of material into sharp edges, you will be able to spray a more consistent coat to the corners and verticals, saving you on materials cost. The cleanup is remarkably simple.

RimCraft RimCaster Continuous Mixer

RimCraft RimCaster Continuous GRFC Mixer is designed for high production part-making, using even the most fast-reacting cement, allowing for ultra-fast mold turnover. 


Our fluid is injected, rather than poured, through an offset orifice into the powder stream creating a premix for significantly better mix. Spinning slender blades within the mix chamber allows you to use fast reactive cement materials.


You can complete your parts as quickly as you can feed the conveyor with molds.  This allows de-molding in under an hour.

Unhooking the injection line to clean it is unnecessary, thereby providing you with a much faster cleanup time

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