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Questions customers have asked us & our answers

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What is Syntactic Resin Material?

Syntactics (in this case, syntactic resin materials) are a mixture of a curable resin of some sort (such as polyester, epoxy, polyurethane or silicone) and microspheres. These microshperes can be either hollow or solid and will typically be made from glass, ceramic or plastic.

How are Syntactic Resins utilized? For what applications is it used?

Syntactic materials are used to create anything from a spray-able texture to a trowel-able paste. Syntactics are used for applications such as gap filling and bonding.  They are also used to make end products lighter or to make a thicker laminate (in other words, to make it stiffer) without adding much weight.

Why Should I Consider A Loop Sealant Dispenser?

A Loop Sealant Dispenser is used by businesses dealing with the arduous application of Traffic Loop Sealant for roads, bridges and airports.  Typically, this is a time consuming, back-breaking, expensive operation. Traditionally it requires guesstimates of the material needed, hand mixing small amounts of the sealant (too much mixed can set too quickly and become unusable) and then bending over again to apply it. 

As with any other process, allowing machines to do most of the heavy work is extremely time and cost-effective. Though the initial capital outlay may seem contrary to the saving money aspect, in the end, you will not be wasting money on unusable products, missed days due to back issues or time and a half because it takes so long to mix and apply the product.

RimCraft Sealant Dispensers are designed for high-outputs of Ultra-Fast setting compounds that allow you to mix on the fly, quickly dispense and move to the next section in less than 10 minutes.

  • Our machines greatly reduce the constant bending by utilizing a 25-50ft hose with a dispensing wand making this a more back-friendly option for your workers.

  • Precision Metered Catalysts and As-You -Go mixing saves you on materials costs as the human element is taken out of the mixing process and you only need to mix what you need as you need it because it can be quickly replenished along your route.

  • The static mixer in the dispensing wand cuts your labor costs because there is no longer any need for hand mixing or pouring and the dispensing of the material is much faster.

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