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Listen To What People Are Saying

These are the comments of people who are using our machines.

DaVinci Designer Concrete RimCraft and Martin Haddock Testimonialng

Check out Martin's designs like this beautifully Curved Fire Table that he made using our Mini Sprayer at

“I know that if we had not chosen you for our purchase, we simply would not have known what we were missing. However, we chose you and took delivery of equipment that was built on well thought out engineering and highly skilled craftsmanship. It is no wonder that Jeff and Lane at CCI chose your company to teach GFRC. I look forward to reaching greater heights of success in this venue of my business and to the long-term relationship with you. Again, my sincerest and deepest heart felt thanks!" — Faust Contracting Company

VC Studio Ink Testimonial about RimCraft Sprayers
RockSolidArtisans Romcraft Testimonial

..."we (are) happy with our decision to go with your product..

I am so happy that I went...and saw what and how real GFRC machinery should work... You make an excellent product…"  — Faust Contracting Company Concrete Jungle Inc.

Ryan Kautzman Testimonial
​"This RimCraft Bakhopper GFRC sprayer is my new favorite tool. Built like a tank but performs like a Ferrari"

Ryan L Kautzman

"It’s like going from driving a beat up 80’s Corolla to a brand new Bugatti ... lol"

RimCraft Testimonial on GFRC Mixer
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