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About Us

Who we are and Why we are

David Dytman _ Owner

RimCraft of ROI Equipment is a company founded on the principles of dependability and reliability.

As engineers, David and Tim understand the chemistry of the materials so well that they are able to design customize their systems accordingly, in a way that most big companies cannot.

Well known in the industries they service for having a wide array of standardized machines used universally throughout the GRFC, GRFG and Resin industries, they are also able to customize their products to meet the your specific needs.

Not only are their systems technological game-changers in the industry, they are also built with higher quality materials to increase longevity. As with all machine systems, parts will need to be replaced along the way but RimCraft products build ease of maintenance and efficiency into the systems so that when parts need replaced, the down time is reduced dramatically.

In the end, RimCraft of ROI Equipment builds machine systems that are going to increase productivity and help you decrease labor and material costs at every turn.

See for yourself here.

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