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Our Difference

Why our machines make more sense to those in the industry

We Know Your Industries

Our niche is our extensive background in spraying and dispensing thick and heavily filled materials. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with Granite Gel Coats, Adhesives, Putties, Gypsums, Concrete, Urethanes, Epoxies, Resin Matrixes and Rubbers. We manufacture a wide variety of plural component processing equipment that range from low volume to high production output to meet the demands of those industries.

We Know Your Materials

Coming from an engineering background, we understand the complexities of the materials that you work with. Because of this, we have built machines in a way that will maximize your output while minimizing your labor and materials cost. By creating smooth fluid passages we are able to lower pressure to offer easier maintenance and offer you less turbulence for a better end result. We are also able to tailor any of our machines to fit the specifics of your particular needs with our extensive selection of techonologies.

We Know Your Businesses

We have created efficiency into each of our machines to ensure that your processes are quick and easy. We understand the labor issues within your businesses so we ensure that each of our machines is easy to use and maintain. We know what it takes to run a business like yours. We make our machines to help improve the quality of your product for your customers with speed and efficiency built in for you.

We Know How To Anticipate and Resolve Issues You Will Run Into

Having been in the business for 35 +years, we understand that machines will break down over time. Our machines are made to be simple to use, with minimum fittings and modular components to easy maintenance. Not only have we built our machines with longevity in mind by using the best of materials to withstand their constant use, but we've also built ease of care and maintenance into our machines to minimize downtime that we all face when the unexpected happens.


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