GFRC Lifts

Our Heavy Duty Lifts are superior time and back savers

RimCraft GFRC Lift

Our RimCraft GRFC Lift will save time and your back by letting our pneumatic bucket lift do the heavy work for you! It's easily adjustable, user friendly, and can hold up to 500lbs of wet mix. Usable for pouring directly into molds or filling the hopper on your spray system


  • Maximum Lift Height 36"

  • Variable Height to adjust to your working needs
  • Maximum weight 500 lbs
  • Large wheels for easy maneuverability over rougher shop floors
  • Bucket Holder Lifter Cage is standard
  • Cage has adjustable pivot points for balanced tilting
  • Your choice of either a 15 gallon bucket Lift or 30 gallon bucket Lift
  • Appropriate bucket Included with machine

Minimum System Requirements

  • Runs entirely on air

  • 5 cfm @minimum 90 psi


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