GFRG Mixer

All mixers are not created to do the same jobs. It's essential to use the right tool for the end result you're trying to create.

RimCraft GFRG Mixer

RimCraft's GFRG Mixer is rugged and efficient. They are designed to create the amount of dispersion of the particles that you need without overpowering it and thereby rendering your mix unusable. They are ideal for GFRG gypsum applications, and will completely emulsify a 100 lb batch in 4 minutes.


  • 5HP 220 Volt Direct Drive - 3 Phase Motor (Shown)

  • Inverter Speed Controller -  2 Speed Hi/Lo Switch (1425-500 RPM)

  • High Intensity Dispersion Blade for GFRG Slurry Matrix

  • Air Cylinder Lifting Mechanism

  • 15 Gallon Bucket with Lifting Handles

  • Bucket Clamp

  • Water Wash-Down Provision

  • Batch Size @ 100 lbs to 150 lbs with 200 lbs. max

  • Optional configurations available

Minimum System Requirements

  • Garden Hose Connection

  • Power -  3 Phase 208-230V - 1 Phase 220V - Other Voltages Available

  • Air Compressor - Minimum CFM 5 at 90 PSI



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