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Rimcraft GFRC Mini or Maxi Mixers

David talks in depth about why our Mini/Maxi GFRC Mixers is the one you need in your shop

It's SHEAR Genious


GFRC was designed to be mixed in a shear mixer.  If you're not using a shear mixer you're churning. 

If you are using a hand held mixer or the worst a pan mixer you are not capable of getting the best product you can offer.   


Shear mixing

  • completely emulsifies the particles in the fluids

  • adds very little heat

  • offers 100% repeatability with formula designs

  • allows you to leave the plasticizer on the shelf

  • starts with ice and water in warmer locations (closer to the equator) provides a "milkshake" like consistency that makes ANY sprayer perform better!!!  


Our 5HP vertical shear mixer can mix a two bag mix (about 100 pound) in less than five minutes.  Our 5HP vertical shear mixer can be run on 3 phase or single phase 220 (like a clothes dryer) energy source.  Our 5HP vertical mixer is an investment that will provide immediate improved final products!   

'Oh yeah' and it saves your back too.

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