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Silicone Metering Dispenser Equipment

Our RimSil Silicone Metering Dispenser machine is easier to use, more cost-effective with a more desirable end result than others in the market

RimCraft RimSil

Rimcraft1to1 Rimsil System

The RimCraft RimSil System will meter mix silicone rubbers quickly and efficiently for either spray or pour applications. The RimSil was developed to spray silicone over large areas to make architectural restorative parts. It has also been proven to be an indispensable tool for mold making in the aerospace, GFRC, GFRG, resin casting industries.

RimSil unit is a small, easy to maneuver machine that is compact enough to carry to any jobsite. It requires 18 CFM of air at 75 PSI to spray and only 10 CFM to Pour. The system carries 20 gallons of Silicone in its dual 10 gallon tanks. There is very little set-up and clean-up is easy with disposable plastic static mixer and atomizer attachment.


  • The reliable RimCraft 1:1 piston pump provides High Volume Outputs

  • This unit is gravity fed with dual 10 gallon material Tanks for continuous high volume operation

  • Standard 15 ft hose set; Optional hose lengths available

  • Molds are filled faster thereby increasing output and decreasing labor costs

  • Less material waste by only mix what you need as you use the materials

  • Thorough mixing is accomplished after the gun through the use of a static mixer, thereby eliminating manual processes

  • Eliminates hand mixing and pouring thereby providing less hazardous conditions for the operator

  • Cleanup and material waste is reduced due to the use of the static mixer, which is the only part where cleaning is required

  • Available: Optional high Volume Setup for Pour application
  • Available with optional Solvent assisted air purge for easy cleaning of wand leaves no residual material in wand. 2.5-gallon Stainless Steel solvent tank.




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