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Syntactic Spray Equipment

Whether you're pouring or spraying syntactic material our machines are designed to work efficiently with even thicker compounds as well as being able to save you time and money

RimCraft SPS2020

RimCraft Syntactic Sprayer

The RimCraft SPS2020 Syntactic Polyester Spray System is designed to spray heavily filled, thick body, lightweight polyesters. The RimCraft SPS2020 system utilizes a one-pump design for simplicity and reduced cost.

The SPS2020 Gun utilizes a straight through fluid passage with no needles and seats. The SPS2020 Gun enables you to apply hard to spray materials with a smooth even coat at lower pressure. The catalyst is internally injected in the SPS2020 Gun, ensuring a complete mix and minimizing catalyst fumes. The SPS2020 Gun is available in Airless and Atomizing versions.

Applications Include:  Print Blocking, Barrier Coats, Core Bedding Materials, Sprayable Tooling Putties


  • The reliable RimCraft 4:1 piston pump provides High Volume Outputs with gentle pumping action.

  • The catalyst is precision-metered by a mechanically linked RimCraft RSCP 3000 slave pump that is infinitely variable with a simple turn of a knob.

  • SPS-2020 Syntactic Spray Gun Spray Gun offers the simplest design with the highest output on the market. TRUE Straight-Thru™ Bore design eliminates the need for cumbersome static mixers allowing for Higher material flow with less restrictions. Simple, easy to maintain gun with NO needles or seats. Modular design allows for easy component change out on the factory floor

  • Solvent assisted air purge for easy cleaning of gun. Leaves no residual material in gun. 2.5-gallon Stainless Steel solvent tank.

  • Heavy-Duty Gear Driven Agitator

  • Powerful Lift for Drum-Lid Mounted Pump and Mixer

  • The RimCraft Syntactic Sprayer uses simplicity to provide reliability in a rugged, severe-duty package.

  • The SPS2020 saves you TIME & MONEY!

  • Faster spraying, especially with thicker compounds

  • Lower Costs by reduced maintenance and downtime.



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